As an insecure and emotionally scattered teenager who hurtled from unholy and sullen Stockholm basements on an endless mission to find the next best thing (and maybe a beautiful soul to fall in love, or simply go home with). Both lost souls and fragments of something promising and unique was found. But most of all, a new music scene in the shape of Miss Kittin and Infected Mushroom. It was raw. It was dark. And it was sometimes scary. I was young, lost, and felt woolly and special belonging to something most people couldn’t comprehend.

Fast forward fifteen years, half way around the world to San Diego CA as I watched the VJ Miguel Vega from Accent Creative set up for the night. An anxious crowd fills the arena armed with live hand grenades packed full of timorous excitement. The biggest contrast between the lost self-conscious teenage years and this generation is that they know little to nothing about dark basements, Miss Kittin and Infected Mushroom. They have huge music festivals, insane light shows, and world renowned DJ’s and VJ’s.

A VJ isn’t a person behind the scene just producing a show. This flawed assumption was initially made the first time I met Miguel. Instead of swiftly rolling his eyes and saunter away from the conversation he in the most humble way possible took another approach. Miguel invited me to take a closer look into his world. He walks me through security and onto the light booth in the middle of the arena. Its an intoxicating space. I quickly learn that Miguel isn’t a producer, he’s together with the rest of the crew: an artist. A self taught artist who openly shares his knowledge, passion, and talent.

It is second nature to Miguel and the team when the sets kick off and the effortless symbiosis between lights, visuals, and lasers start to mesmerize the crowd. It’s like a party infused mind and population control. The captivated legion on the dance floor instantly responds to beautiful graphics dancing across the puzzled screens. Hour after hour customized visuals cuts through the arena simultaneously and perfectly matched with the music. Each and every one personally made for the specific DJ on stage. My old world has flung out of the dark basements and onto a massive multi million dollar world stage.

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