Several blocks were strategically impeded by LAPD to guide the protesters to a complete halt, and to initiate a mass arrest.


The group was given a chance to disperse, those who didn’t comply were arrested. This young man chose to step away from the protest.

In the distance: A group of protesters being processed before entering the bus.
As 100+ people were hand-cuffed and awaited to board the bus, a homeless man slept on as if nothing was happening. This shows how peaceful and non-violent the protest ended.
LAPD acted with a calm and determined force. They just wanted to be home, celebrating Thanksgiving with their families. Not arresting young people the night before the Holiday.

A young man stands up and shoves his face against the cold metal window, hands zip-tied behind his back and yells: “FUCK THE POLICE!”.
As they watched their friends get arrested, some took the time for a food break only a few feet away from the blockade of LAPD officers.
A large group of well-geared police men and women on stand-by.
People documenting from a distance, waiting for a reaction as the LAPD effectively cornered and shut down the protest.


The protesters seemed young. Day three didn’t attract violent and confrontational members, just young and curios kids. The last bus drives off with smiling and excited people, mixed with distraught kids who knew that they had a tough phone call to make.
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