A sequestered mid-desert Kill Bill infused wedding, the ghost of Gram Parsons, and a little house on the prairies.
Welcome to Joshua Tree. I will be your slightly intoxicated and fallacious tour guide.
As most of us know, the American countryside tends to differ a great deal from the european. And it is not just the ghostly vacant landscape, I am talking about the people. The permanent residents of the great plains of California are an extraordinary group of inhabitants. And odd. And bored. But I kind of get why. It is an intoxicating lifestyle beyond the alcohol indulged side of life. Its a beautiful thing watching Joshua Tree yawn as the sun begins to heat up for the day, people crawl out of every corner of the desert. Its a calming feeling you get from listening to the sparkling and cracking howls the night spits out. This place is a drunk wildcat of a town.

Never has a little house on the prairies and an abundance or rusty and worthless nicknacks ever made so much sense. It’s not even about ‘going back to the basics’. It’s about going back to whatever the f*&$ you want it to be.

Welcome to the weekend where we drank too much while sitting on a dusty porch full of junk. Welcome to the weekend where we celebrated a Kill Bill infused wedding at the Joshua Tree Inn together with the ghost of Gram Parsons. Welcome to friends and the tired little town called Joshua Tree.

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