Every year I make sure to relocate myself back to the same isolated cabin in the deepest and most dark corner of the Swedish woods. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because I’m banished to some dungeon, it’s for a change of scenery. My office in San Diego overlooks the sun glazed ocean and the lush green outfield of a major league baseball park.

Imagine a small room with enormous industrial fans. Day in and day out, these fans run. With screeching noises and forceful rotation, the immense fan blades turn. A constant humming. Then you arrive in Bösjön. It is like hitting the off button. The soothing feeling of solace and silence taking over. You breath. You embrace the solitude.

It is that great feeling of reoccurring traditions.You know what to expect, but it is up to you to shape this years experience. And so far this year had some beautiful experiences…

– My uncle introducing old school and playful ingenuity to my nephew, and watching him patiently, but eagerly, wait for the surprise.

– Unexpectedly intense starry nights from a distant mountain top.

– Checking in with my uncle on his never ending ice fishing and get the daily catch count.

– Participating and not winning the Bösjönmästerskapen ever again. Competing in long range rifle shooting is fine, but throwing potatoes in a bucket and rolling the dice has never been my strong suit.

– Digging out a giant five foot hole in the snow for everyone to gather in. Then customizing it with a bar, bbq, and seats made out of snow.

I could make the list longer but you might be here a while. Cheers to an ever-growing library of amazing insights and unexpected surprises.

Until my next adventure…



























































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