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If we managed to kill all insects and bugs on this planet, earth would die. If the human race would leave earth, it would aggressively thrive. It sounds quite apocalyptic, but its just the plain truth. We have always tried to conquer nature, and we think we have mastered it by building big dirty cities. Killing things is a sign of human progress.

Not in Bösjön.

In our self made, isolated, and quiet little world of solitude, we try to be one with our surrounding. And no, we are not a giant cult that likes to drink cool-aid together under full-moons.
When we leave an old boat to sit for 15 years, we give it back to nature. It is food for the living. Its a part of the life cycle. Natures superlative muscles always makes us aware of its presence. We can alter things, but we can not conquer it.

I am a native of the North Folks
And that can mess up any kid. – Tallest Man On Earth

Every time I go home I always make sure I have time to spend a few days in Bösjön. If I don’t have a reason, I go just to go.
This time? The beginning of the end of a warm summer. It was the turn of the winds. One cold night and everything changed.

It was also my mothers birthday, and her anual crawfish gathering. Close family, a warm cabin, and a few cold and wet days in paradise. Thank you everyone for being a part of another highlight of my life.






























































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