Located on Julian Avenue in Logan Heights, an old bakery recently turned into 5.4 million dollar art project where artist can work and display their work.

At 43,000 square foot, this massive gallery has the potential of becoming the new hub of the San Diego art scene. This building has some history behind it, founded in 1891 it filled the neighborhood with pleasant aromas from fresh baked goods. Over 110 years later, Webers bakery shut its doors and the property stood vacant.

Bread & Salt opened up its doors for the first time last night, and it is still a pretty vacant building. Not a lot of artwork, not a lot of artist. But the space is impressive, and there’s potential here. Amazing potential. Hopefully within a few years, this building will have a positive impact on the neighborhood and the San Diego art scene for another 110 years.

But for now, its a cool space, nothing more.

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