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Lost Toy From the Past

  It is amazing when you find a hand made toy from 1987. Especially one you thought was lost. At that point my uncle didnt have any children yet, and I was the center of his universe. I remember adventures, inventions, and conversations. He was…

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Art Gallery – Parachute Factory

  Theres nothing more I despise than “street-art” shows with fancy cheese platters and cheap wine at a little hole-in-the-wall-art-gallery in some jenky-as-hell but soon-to-be-hip-neighborhood. And no, I am by all means not trying to claim that I am hood rat, a child of the…

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Art Gallery – Bread & Salt

Located on Julian Avenue in Logan Heights, an old bakery recently turned into 5.4 million dollar art project where artist can work and display their work. At 43,000 square foot, this massive gallery has the potential of becoming the new hub of the San Diego…

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